This is a picture I took sometime this year and was the most beautiful moon I have ever seen. As I am a shaky person I was shocked I could take a photo without it being a blur with some colour. I just had to share this picture with the world.

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So if you are from the UK like me you will know that Next shop is amazing! and I was shopping there a couple of days ago and just had to blog about this product. They’re real mascara by Benefit is quite pricey for a mascara , I have had the mini product before and loved it but couldn’t bring myself to paying that price. So I found this brilliant product that does exactly the same and under £3.00 !! LOVE ! It is called Absolute lashes, in the same packaging as Benefits one, the same wand and the same formula too! PERFECT FOR ME!

Late nights…? One too many….? Next day are your eyes paying the price..?


If you are like me up on Netflix until an ungodly hour or one or two too many glasses of red, then my friend you have come to the right place. After that long night you are going to want to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and get rid of those black bags all up in there.. This is also perfect if you have been crying in general or in my case after watching Marley & Me….

First method – ROSE WATER

Gather together pure rose water and cotton wool pads.

Rose water has mild astringent properties which tones and soothes tired skin. And when you wake up from that 2 hour of sleep you had last night, you want something to soothe those precious eyes of yours..

So find a comfy and if possible dark room, lay down put the cotton wool pads soaked with rose water and place over eyes. These need to be on for around 15 minutes and twice a day for maximum improvement.

This method is really good and does work!

Second Method- TEA BAGS< Favorite method

You are going to want two tea bags and that’s it! I know so simple and you will probably have tea knocking around in your kitchen..

Brew the kettle and drop two tea bags into the cup and stir. Pull them out and let them cool ( you could speed them up by putting the two tea bags onto a plate and put it into the fridge for 5 minutes). After the have cooled place over eyes. Lie down for 20 mins and see your eyes instantly fixed.

Another thing is DRINK LOTS OF WATER trust me!x

Well guys, I hope your eyes have recovered and these remedies have helped. Together we can fight ..dark circles…!

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Hello World!!

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Hi world!

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” – Milton Berle

I have recently had a thrill from drawing and writing stories, I have showed them to my friends and family and had really good feedback, I was so surprised that what I do for fun other people would like too. So this is me building a door to show people my hobby through my blog.

Also in this blog I intend to include beauty and fashion, so this blog is a real mix up of everything.

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